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garden spot
Plants and Trees
So Much More Than Plants
garden spot

Your one stop shop for Plants and Trees in Surrey

Shrubs.pngAt Art Knapp, we specialize in providing the most extentsive selection of quality plants that will thrive in the Fraser Valley area.  Our experienced professionals can discuss your needs and goals with you had recommend the ideal flowers, trees, and plants for you and your outdoor space, whether you are planting your whole back yard, or just a few planters on your balcony.  

With years of experience working with aspiring and serious gardners in Surrey and the Fraser Valley, we can offer our expertise in finding the best plants to fit the garden you want.  Whether you have shade or sun, or are looking for annuals or perenials, plants that need care, or plants that can be left alone, we look forward to working with you to find the best mix for your garden.  

Art Knapp also has an extensive stock of trees - from fuit trees to flowering ornamentals, or berry plants, we can suggest the best options for your yard.  

Art Knapp Garden Centre in Surrey regularly stocks Monrovia nursery plants and trees featuring the latest selection of the David Hinkley collection, as well as the usual unique and quality plants that Monrovia is known for. Proven Winners brand, partners with top brand breeds, and unique varieties that out perform all others, including plants, trees and shrubs. We also have a large selection of indoor tropical plants.

Useful Info: What plant zone are we in?

Herb & Vegetable Gardens

More and more of our customers are expanding their vegetable gardens and enjoying their own harvest at their dinner table.  We are always on the lookout for vegetable varieties that grow well in this area, including more and more organic vegetables.  We also have a nice selection of herbs to enhance the flavour of your locally grown vegetables.  

We look forward to discussing and helping you achieve your gardening goals at Art Knapp.  

Learn about green gardening in our article Benefits of Planting Local Species.

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