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garden spot
So Much More Than Plants
garden spot

Flowering Gifts

Art Knapp sources and arranges seasonal plants and flower arrangements, which are often locally grown. We also design floral bouquets and plant arrangements in our South Surrey store for all major floral holidays including Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s days, and Chinese New Year. The majority of the plants and flowers we sell are locally grown, not sitting on a truck for a long time, so they’re guaranteed to be fresh when you take them home.


Like the other departments in our store, our flowering gifts section is regularly stocked with new and unique items such as:

  • Aloe vera plants in ceramic pots.
  • Bonsai trees arranged in decorative stones.
  • Air plants that don’t require soil and are housed in eye catching glass displays.
  • Money trees and curly bamboo arrangements for celebrating Chinese New Year.
  • Diminutive, colorful and enduring azaleas.
  • Fairy gardens. Everything you need for the this popular hobby, including small scale plants compatible with fairy gardens, a huge selection of accessories by themes (By the ocean, farms, Victorian, gnomes) as well as soil, plants, decorative rocks, and sand.
  • Pointsettas and miniature Christmas Tree kits (a great gift for someone in an assisted care facility)

We also specialize in orchids. A lot of people are scared to death of trying to nurture an orchid at home, believing the popular myth that orchids are a fussy plant, yet we believe they are one of the easiest care plants to have in the home. Art Knapp has everything you need to succeed, including decorative and functional pots, high quality bark mix, and the most effective fertilizers, and we’ll tell you how to care for your plant for long lasting success. Our orchids are cared for in a local nursery. They get a good start and, as a result, last longer.

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