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Art Knapp
about artknapp
So Much More Than Plants
Art Knapp

About Us - Art Knapp Nursery

Surrey Garden Centre and More

Get lost in a world of specialty products you won’t find in a generic chain store. 

Art Knapp nurseries are well known across British Columbia as the place to go for high quality plants, shrubs, soils and fertilizers, as well as expert advice for everything garden related. 

The Art Knapp Mud Bay marketplace, however, stands alone as a unique shopping mecca. 

It’s an eclectic collection of departments, from the largest selection of specialty hot sauces you’ll find anywhere, Department 56 collectibles, delicate soaps sourced from Italy and France, one of a kind designer furniture pieces, and boutique fashions and jewelry. 

Many sections of our market are stocked with high quality, one of kind items often discovered through small niche suppliers across the globe, with new shipments arriving daily. 

We also have a complete 18-hole mini-golf course running in the midst of our extensive outdoor plant and shrub department. 

Many of our customers discover us through our massive Christmas display (which includes a huge selection of pre-lit artificial trees, rare varieties of live trees, high end snow flocked trees with various textured branches, themed ornaments -- including wine, sports, and a huge spectrum of hobbies --  and tree toppers, tree skirts, and designer decorations that are truly individual works of art) then continue to visit us the rest of the year. 

If you’re searching for a specialized gift or food item, a unique fashion accessory or a one of a kind decorative touch for your home or garden, visit Art Knapp’s in Mud Bay, where you will still find an extensive selection of plants, shrubs and fertilizers (and expert gardening advice to go with it) as well.

Art Knapp Surrey Nursery & Garden Centre

PLEASE NOTE – This website is provided as a resource and does not necessarily represent our entire inventory. We may have plant varieties and products that are not represented here. We cannot guarantee that every plant or product shown here will be in-stock at all times, due to supply and demand, seasonal changes and conditions, etc. Come in and see what we have. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff.


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