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wild birds and nature
Wild Birds and Nature
So Much More Than Plants
wild birds and nature

Wild Birds and Nature 

With the increasing destruction of natural habitats and food sources, it is more important than ever to encourage wildlife into your garden. Our extensive range of wild bird products includes bird houses, bird baths, feeders and feeding stations and many different types of bird food, suets and treats which will attract a vast array of species. How about adding a pond or other water feature to attract wildlife?

We are fully stocked with packaged seeds, unique bird feeders and a wide variety of bird houses (from decorative & stylish to rustic). You may find our mason bees a real boon to your flower and vegetable gardens as they aid in pollinating your fruit trees too.

Our Mason bees are spring season pollinators and will only sting if squeezed or stepped on. As such, they are beneficial and benign, since they both pollinate the plants and are safe for children and pets. Make sure you come in early - your garden will thank you.

Our line of hummingbird feeders provide good options for attracting and keeping these little whirl-winds around your yard through the summer months and beyond. We have a number of select bird mixes that appeal to all the various songbirds and wild birds in the area - and even some of you squirrel fans too. Come by and see what we have for your yard.

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