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hot sauce
Hot Sauce
So Much More Than Plants
hot sauce

Hot Sauce ‘Wall of Flame’

We carry a large selection of very specialized lines and types of hot sauces, from mild to wild. 

The variety of sauces available is more extensive than most people imagine. There’s a long list of pepper varieties available world wide, resulting in a limitless array of tastes available. 

Art Knapps carries lines from Belize, Mexico, Louisiana, Jamaica, and other parts of the globe. For the daring, we even carry the infamous Trinidad Scorpion, one of the hottest sauces in the world. 

Brand names available off the shelf include: Marie Sharps, Dave’s Insanity line, Blair’s Death, Louisiana Gold, and House of Q. 

We also stock most of the sauces featured on the popular Youtube series "Hot Ones"!

We carry many sauces blended with various fruits like Mango and Papaya, as well as sauces for seafoods, eggs, tacos, chicken, as well as unique mustards, banana ketchup, and many other sauces that are popular in other parts of the world. 

Our hot sauce department frequently hosts onsite demos as well, so customers can sample our sauces before buying.  Check our events calendar to see which taste-test demos are coming up!

And learn more about our sauces in our blog post "Eight Hot Sauces To Try Before You Die"

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