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kids zone
So Much More Than Plants
So Much More Than Plants
kids zone

Family Fun Zone

Bring the entire family for some great fun. Parents tag team - one of you can man the kids in the play area while the other shops! Our outdoor displays, 18-hole Mini-Golf, kids play area and the train ride are a hit with families.

Our entertaining 18-hole mini golf course winds its way through the Garden Spot perrenials, herbs, trees and plants for a picturesque golfing experience. Kids of all ages will have fun testing their putting prowess against friends and family. We have Putters of all sizes from pint-sized Tiger wood’s to taller dads. Come on out and enjoy. Purchase tickets from the cashier at the front of the store.

Mini-Golf Hours of Play:

Last Tee time starts an hour before closing. No Appointments Needed. Please allow additional playing time during peak times (sunny weekends).

Our kids play area has kid-friendly pea gravel for soft landings and ‘relatively clean pant knees’. Swings, slides and kid-safe obstacles will keep toddlers busy for the duration. Convenient picnic tables give grandma a great place to sit and watch - or give the kids a snack break. The play area is open to all at no cost. It is a right turn outside the Garden Spot doors.

The Train is always a hit with younger children. Everyone’s favorite Tank Engine and his perpetual smile light up kids smiles too. It’s a great event for the grandkids - before you take them to the candy shoppe for a treat (it’s payback time Grandpa - you get to drop them off at home when you're done). Tickets can be purchased from the cashiers at the front of the store.

Train Ride Hours of Operation:

The train departs every 15 minutes daily (weather permitting in extreme conditions). The last train departs 30 minutes before closing.

Have a walk outside and see our model train displays nestled amongst our beautiful Garden foliage. The smaller 8” by 16 foot one-train display directly out the doors of the train department will show you how you can set up a train in your yard. The water feature can be sourced in through or Pond Department and plants can be purchased in the Art Knapp Garden Spot.

Art Knapp’s large 30x40 foot 2-track display is located on the northwest corner of the property with outdoor plants and trees (head through the Garden Spot door and hang a left). It is maintained by the Art Knapp staff as well as the Greater Vancouver Garden Railroad Club, and boasts over 400 feet of G-Scale track (1/2” to the foot). Kids of all ages will love the display.

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