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Art Knapp
Electric Charge Station
So Much More Than Plants
Art Knapp

Electric Charge Station


Art Knapp Surrey Garden Centre has installed the first of several EV Charger systems, a welcome addition for the growing number of electric vehicle owners in South Surrey and White Rock.

The revolutionary new pedestal features the industry leading retractable cable system, helping to reduce the risk for trips and falls, promote accessibility,  and protect cables against harm. The system includes the popular SCH40 EV Charger that provides fast charge times for electric vehicles and commercial fleet vehicles.

The charger is mounted on an extended pedestal with aluminum base with integrated retractable cable system.

Look for the signs (and green parking spaces) at the left side of the main building and grab a quick charge while you shop. Just another great reason to shop at Art Knapp in Surrey. Did we mention it's FREE?

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