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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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What are the Benefits of Planting Local Species?

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Benefitting Local Ecosystems

Local species are plants or trees that are indigenous to a particular habitat and geographic region. We are fortunate in the lower mainland to have an extremely diverse selection of native species, many of which make visually appealing landscapes. Choosing to plant local species carries many benefits, including:

-        Benefitting Local Ecosystems

-        Resistant to local disease and pests

-        Acclimated to weather and temperature patterns

Benefiting Local Ecosystems

Local plant species provide a number of benefits to other local ecosystems, including other plants and trees, microorganisms in the soil, and animals including bees, butterflies and birds. Local species of plants and trees are the perfect habitats for these animals, as well as beneficial insects, which are not only an environmental boost, but also make your garden a more welcoming place.

Resistant to Local Disease and Pests

There is nothing worse than investing time and money in purchasing, planting, and taking care of plants or trees, only to have them suffer or even die due to disease or pests. Many exotic varieties of plants are not naturally resistant to our local pests and disease, whereas most native plants have had centuries of evolution to build-up resistance and be better equipped to not only survive local disease and pest, but grow and thrive.

Acclimated to Weather and Temperature Patterns

We have very unique weather patterns in the lower mainland, having moderate temperatures for most of the year, with plenty of rainfall except for the summer months. Some exotic plants may not be suited for our climate, and have trouble establishing and growing due to lack of, or too much watering from rain, and/or temperatures that are not ideal. Native plants and trees grow best in our climate, meaning you do not have to worry about extra care and maintenance to help the plant or tree grow and survive.

With so many benefits to local plants and trees, make sure to consider planting local species next time you add to your garden or landscaping. Not only are there numerous benefits to going with local species, but also a wide array of options available to meet the preferences of any avid gardener.

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