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Multiple words entered will return results for any matches of any of the words. ie: red car - will return matches for red car, red, and car.
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Use double quotation marks (") around search terms and multiple words to search for an exact phrase match. ie: "red car" - Only "red car" matches will be returned (not red or car).
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Use the asterisk (*) to create a wildcard at the end of a search term if your word is incomplete. ie: comp* - will return matches for complex, computer, and any word beginning with the letters "comp".
Art Knapp
So Much More Than Plants
Art Knapp

Art Knapp Articles

How do you determine how to fertilize trees? Read more here.


Choosing a Christmas tree is a once-a-year tradition that can be both an enjoyable and memorable experience for any family.


Hummingbird feeders can be delightful to hang around your home and garden spaces. Not only do they provide a opportunity to view hummingbirds fairly close up, but they are also much appreciated by the small birds who feed from them.&a

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