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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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September Gardening Checklist

in Tips and Tutorials

September gardening checklist.jpg

Fall has arrived, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the garden! There's still lots to be done this month to freshen up the colours in your garden and get ready for the cold winter months ahead! View our checklist to ensure you're caught up this month!

  • Start reducing the frequency of houseplant watering. Cooler temperatures mean plants aren't as thirsty!
  • It's the start of the spring-blooming bulb planting season: begin planning placement of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and many more!
  • Plant winter vegetable seedlings. Some of the best flavour comes from our winter garden crops, which boost up their sugar content as protection from the cold. Don’t Miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the tastiest veggies of the year!
  • Plant fall rye or other fall cover crops.
  • Feed your lawn and garden with fall-formulated fertilizer.
  • Sow grass seed to fill in bare, brown or thin lawn areas.
  • There is a way to enjoy your poinsettia year-round! Bring poinsettia indoors and start providing it with long nights by placing it in a dark closet for 16 hour periods for 6 to 8 weeks to colour up the bracts (flower).
  • Reapply lime or aluminum sulphate to your hydrangea to keep it's colour. Lime for pink, aluminum sulphate for blue.
  • Spruce up your yard with a splash of fall colour. Plant winter pansies, fall mums, and other late-flowering plants. 
  • Plant fall-flowering crocus.
  • Get the most from your perennial herbs by harvesting from those that have grown sufficiently. Snip portions no smaller that 6-12 in. from each stem so that when they flush out, it is from sturdy wood that has the strength to support an abundance of new growth.
  • Prior to bringing them inside again, thoroughly wash your tropical plants with a spray nozzle to blast away insects or insect eggs.
  • Turn the ingredients in your compost box.

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