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garden spot
So Much More Than Plants
So Much More Than Plants
garden spot

Bulk Landscape Products at Art Knapp Surrey Garden Centre

Art Knapp's Garden Centre in Surrey carries a wide assortment of bulk materials and landscape products like soil, mulch, lava rock, gravel and manure. The majority of items listed on this page are available by the tractor scoop or bag it yourself in our supplied bags.

We sell top quality brand bagged soils, manures and bulk landscape products by the tractor scoop and also bulk landscape rock by the pound. These products contain no wood chip fillers and provide a nutrient rich base for growing colourful, healthy plants.

We also carry large bales of soil and peat for larger projects. Or select a product from our bulk bins. Our bulk bins offer a range of soils, manures, and rocks which we sell by the bag (we provide the 2 cu. ft. bag) or by the tractor scoop which we will dump into your truck or trailer (approx 25 cu. ft. per scoop).

Our Bulk Soil Products include:

Bulk Black Topsoil

Rich, black and heavy. Great for top dressing.

Bulk Premium Garden Soil
1/3 Rich soil 1/3 Sand for drainage 1/3 Manure for nutrients. Great for garden beds.

Bulk Turf Blend Soil
A mix of 50% composted manure and 50% sand with no added wood waste. Well drained blend perfect for new lawns and top dressing.


Bulk Red Fir Mulch
Like all mulches, this one keeps roots cool, retains moisture and helps suppress weeds. Its attractive red colour makes it ideal for gardening applications.

Bulk Bark Nuggets
Coarse bark nuggets ideal for use as mulch, in paths or other landscape applications

Bulk Aged Black Conditioning Mulch
This mulch has a deep black colour and is great for covering or mixing directly into heavy soils. It also retains moisture, keeps roots cool and helps suppress weeds. High quality aged materials – looks almost like soil.

Bulk Aged Mushroom Manure
This material is what mushrooms grow in. Using it will sweeten and rejuvenate your soil. Allow for shrinkage when applying it to your garden. This material has been aged allowing for direct use in the garden.


Bulk 3/4 Round Drain Rock
Smoother and rounder than Crush Gravel, this product is also great for drainage and for decorative applications and walkways.

Bulk 3/4 Clear Crush Drain Rock
Attractive and ideal for decorative applications. Crush gravel is great for use as drainage rock or for pathways. Angular rock shapes lock together and form a more compact base.

Bulk Pea Gravel / Torpedo
These attractive partially smoothed small stones are ideal for decorative applications. Ideal for use as drainage stones.

Bulk River Rock
Approximately 3 inch to 8 inch round river rock. Great for decorative applications, dry river beds or water features.

Bulk Washed Sand
Local sand. Makes an excellent base for stepping stones. Can be used for sandboxes. Attractive and ready to use.

Bulk Road Base
This combination of loose gravel and sand is ideal for building roads, paths or ground stabilization. Compacts together to form a solid mass.

Bulk Navvy Jack Gravel
A rock / sand mix excellent for use as a base, foundation or pathway.

(Availability may vary during our busy times. Please call for availability.)

For delivery for both small and large loads at reasonable rates, please call:

Earthgate Landscaping at 604-836-3967, and ask for Manny or Marie.

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