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Why switch to an infrared grill?

in Outdoor Living

Gas BBQ ribs.jpg

Charcoal is king? A lot of bbq aficionados believe so but what if we told you that there was a better way to grill? Cook faster, juicier food with no flare-ups and no sacrifice to flavour. Plus enjoy having more control, an easier cleanup and using less fuel. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it! Let us introduce you to Saber gas grills.

Saber gas grills are gas BBQs that use propane or natural gas to produce infrared heating. Infrared heating has a number of advantages including faster heating and higher heat. Faster heating allows you to get to the good part–eating!--faster. And higher heat allows you to sear your food perfectly, giving you the best tasting steak and burgers you’ve ever had.

Saber gas grills’ patented infrared technology uses radiant heat to cook your food. So there are no dreaded flare-ups that might ruin your dinner. Pile on as much bacon as you want without setting fire to the neighbourhood! Also, because the cooking time is shortened, food stays juicier and doesn’t dry out like it does with charcoal grills and convection heating. And since cooking is faster, you’ll save on fuel too, about 30% for each tank.

A Saber gas grill is the high performance gas grill you’re looking for this summer. Each grill comes with a number of great features including true zonal cooking, allowing you to cook at different temperatures on the same grill. A number of additional options are also available so you can get the most out of your gas BBQ.

Visit Art Knapp today to upgrade your BBQ in time for summer cookouts. We look forward to seeing you! 4391 King George Blvd. Surrey, BC

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