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Why should I be testing my hot tub or pool water periodically?

in Outdoor Living

Testing your hot tub or pool water for the water balance is one of the most important things you can do. The water balance is the term used to describe the different chemical measurements in the hot tub or pool water. Measuring these chemicals lets you know whether the water is saturated or not.

If the water is saturated, which means that the water cannot dissolve and hold any more minerals, then you have reached the perfect level for your tub or pool. If the water is below the saturation point, corrosion begins. If the water is above the saturation point, it cannot hold any more minerals and begins causing scaling on any surface within the water.

Everything can affect the water balance, such as weather, people, dirt, and other chemicals. When a person gets into a hot tub, they immediately affect the water balance and change the levels. When it rains, the water will become more corrosive.

Water Chemical Tests

By periodically testing the pool water or hot tub water, the owner can enjoy four main benefits:
1.    Longer lifespan of the equipment
2.    More comfortable water to swim or bathe in
3.    Proper chlorine levels ensure safety
4.    Saves money over the life of the pool or hot tub

When the water becomes corrosive, it looks to start eating away at whatever is within – including the equipment used in the pool or hot tub. When scaling occurs, those added minerals can coat expensive filtering equipment. If the chlorine levels are too high, swimmers will feel like the water is burning their skin.

At Art Knapp Surrey Outdoor Living Centre, we can help you make sure the hot tub water testing and pool water testing is done perfectly. We’ll do it for you for free. Bring in a water sample and we’ll test the chemical levels in your water. Then we’ll help you fix any problems and show you the perfect product to start using.

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