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Why Are Vegetable Gardens So Hot This Season?

in Informational


You may have noticed that there is a lot of conversation about vegetable gardens this season, and many individuals have planted vegetable gardens for the first time ever.

So, why are vegetable gardens so hot this year? There are likely a lot of reasons, and in this article we're going to list some of them for you.

COVID-19 Unknowns

The current pandemic is something the vast majority of us never dreamed of. With the pandemic comes many unknowns, and we are learning new things about the virus on a daily basis.

Many people are making a big effort to become more self-sufficient. Growing your own food is one of the more important ways to become less dependent on outside infrastructure.

Supply Chain Issues

You may remember that in the early spring, some people started hoarding grocery products like toilet paper and flour. When this happened, others became fearful that if toilet paper could no longer be found, then maybe food would be next.

It's a fear thing. The more people are fearful, the more they try to hunker down.

Social Distancing

Another reason why vegetable gardens are popular this year is that if successful, the garden can effectively cut back on your need to go out to the grocery store.

Some individuals view a garden as a tool to add to their social distancing repertoire.


The good news is that it's easy to grow vegetables. They can be grown in the ground, in raised beds, or in pots. And there's not a steep learning curve. Anyone can learn to grow vegetables.

So, if you're interested in growing a vegetable garden for the first time, then contact us or come by the store in Surrey.

Art Knapp has 15 locations across British Columbia and is well known as the go-to garden centre for everything garden-related. Art Knapp, himself, began the business in the 1940's, and now, 80 years later, you can find more than he ever dreamed of in our stores. Come and see us on King George Boulevard in Surrey.

If you have any questions about this article or want to talk to us about gardening, just give us a call at (604) 596-9201.

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