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Art Knapp
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Which Nursery Plants and Trees are Best for Outdoor Gardens in Surrey?

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Gardening in a colder climate like in British Columbia can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Gardeners face short growing seasons, and the possibility of frost in the spring and early fall. Successful gardeners in Surrey and British Columbia utilize plants that bloom early and tolerate cooler temperatures.

A local garden center can help you with plant choices when you’re aim is to grow a hardy garden. Retail plant technicians will help you to understand you garden, your climate, and what may work best for you. Keep in mind your garden’s specific conditions – some cool climate perennials perform best when sheltered from winds.

Ideal Plants for BC

Many short border and ground covering plants for colder regions will spread and fill in bare areas in the cool season. Hardy perennials often used for their spreading potential may include: Ajuga, Spurge, Seathrift, or Wormwood.

Taller plants for adding variety to your Surry garden may include: Foxglove, Bugbane, Meadowsweet, or Sneezeweed.

Don’t forget to also plant spring flowering bulbs such as daylilies for their range of beautiful colours within your garden. Additional cool climate perennials that my be utilized to add a pop of colour to your garden may include: Aster, Chrysanthemum, Tickseed, Bleeding heart, or Delphinium.

When gardening in a colder climate such as ours here in BC, choosing cool climate perennials that are frost tolerant is key to gardening success. Many varieties are available in local nurseries that will fit the bill when planning out your garden. Adding an abundance of cool climate perennials will be sure to make your garden beautiful all season long.

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