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What Trees Bloom Earliest in Surrey BC?

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Art Knapp Surrey General January 2020.jpeg

For the avid gardener, Winter can seem like an eternity. It seems like we have to wait forever to see the colourful blooms of Spring. One way that some people try to speed this process up is to plant trees that tend to bloom earlier in the year. If you want to make your yard more colourful earlier in the year, then here are a few trees that bloom earliest in Surrey, BC.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are a Surrey favorite, and are commonly found lining boulevards and making spaces more beautiful. these trees tend to bloom sometime between March and April in Surrey, and are characterized by their beautiful pink colour. These trees are often a sign that spring has begun.

Plum Blossoms

Many people are not aware of Plum Blossoms, but these are very similar to Cherry Blossoms in a lot of ways. The blooms on plum blossoms do look slightly different compared to cherry blossoms, but are very similar in colour and size. Cherry blossoms are split at the end of each petal, whereas plum blossoms are not. Perhaps the biggest difference between Plum and Cherry Blossom trees are that Plum Blossoms bloom earlier in the year. These trees tend to bloom when it is still cold out, as early as February or the first half of March. Having a combination of Plum and Cherry Blossoms means you can enjoy the bright pink colour for several months.

Pacific Dogwood

Another early bloomer in BC is the Pacific Dogwood. This tree can grow up to 15 metres tall, and is covered in beautiful white flowers with dark green, pointed leaves. The Pacific Dogwood is an early bloomer, and many begin to bloom as early as April, although they can sometimes delay until June. Dogwoods can sometimes bloom a second time in September as well, providing a second chance to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

These trees are only a few of the many spectacular options that grow well in Surrey and British Columbia. If you are looking to add colour to your space, Art Knapp is sure to have a tree or shrub that is perfect for you.

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