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What Supplies I Need for Winterizing My Pool Properly?

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor (1).jpg

A pool can bring hours of enjoyment and fun for those who are lucky enough to have access to their own. It is important to also remember that there is a great deal of upkeep and maintenance involved in keeping the pool operating and running properly. When winter comes, it is vital that pools are properly winterized, and there are some essential winterization products that every pool owner should take advantage of.

Bioguard Water Care

Bioguard offers an array of Bioguard pool care products, ranging from algae prevention to water enhancers. For the off-season, bioguard offers products which are designed to care for your pool when it is not being used. Taking the steps in the off-season help to ensure when the time comes to start using the pool again, you can do so with minimal effort, and time and cost savings.

Arctic Blue Winter Kits

Arctic Blue Winter Kits are a combination product of both Artic Blue Shock (oxidizes and increases water clarity) and Arctic Blue Algae Protector. Both of these products are designed to make sure that the pool remains healthy over the winter, and is quick and easy to open come spring.

Artic Blue Floater

Arctic Blue also offers a floater that provides continuous winter chlorination. It also contains contains technology that can reduce corrosions and inhibit scale formation. This product is designed to only work with white plaster pools, so make sure you talk to an expert to make sure you are choosing the right product for your pool.

It is essential to keep the health of your pool water up all year, even when it is not being used for the winter months. Winterization of your pool is not a difficult task, and winterization products to make it as simple as possible are available at Art Knapp.

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