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Art Knapp
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What Plants will be Trending this Coming Summer?

in Inspiration

summer plants are beginning to grow in surrey

As with fashion and food, which plants you showcase in your Surrey home can be a bold statement. Having a yard, or even home, full of the right plants and trees this summer, can really make your landscaping pop out and be the envy of the neighbourhood. Here are some plants that will be trending in Surrey this coming summer.


With over a dozen different varieties, there is truly a fern for every person. Ferns are trending to be 2019’s hottest houseplant, providing delicate leaves, mounded shapes, and adding green colour and texture to any space. Ferns are also excellent at working to help purify the air in your home, further making them a must have for this summer.

Bold Colours

This summer is the summer of bold plants in Surrey. Bedding plants with bright colours and large leaves will be all the rage. Use bedding planters that are bright and vivid themselves, and plant an array of Pompon Dahlias in them. Other colourful flower options include Coleus, begonias, and heuchera. Whatever you choose, make sure it has lots of insane colours.

Fancy Leaf Geraniums

Popular many years ago, Geraniums are making a comeback for 2019. New varieties are not only still available in a wide variety of flower colours, but also with colour foliage. These Fancy Leaf Geraniums are ready to brighten up your garden space, before they even bloom.

Summer 2019 is shaping up to be the year of colour for plants and trees in Surrey. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure that you choose plants and trees that add plenty of colour to your indoor and outdoor spaces in Surrey.

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