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What is Legionella and how can you prevent it?

in Outdoor Living

11- legionella.jpeg

Legionella is a bacteria that affects the lungs, causing Legionnaires’ Disease--a potentially fatal form of pneumonia--and Pontiac Fever, which causes flu-like symptoms. It grows in water and can be inhaled from airborne droplets like the steam or mist rising from a hot tub or the spray coming from a swimming pool.

This bacteria is found in natural environments like lakes, ponds and rivers. But it thrives in man-made water systems like pools, swim spas and hot tubs. This is because Legionella rapidly multiplies in temperatures between 20-45C. The average temperature of a pool is typically 27C and a hot tub 38C. 

The food it needs to grow comes from the people using the water, in the form of dead skin cells, hair, dirt and sweat. It also comes from pipes, pumps and filter systems that are not cleaned properly. The buildup of slime, organic material, rust and scale are a smorgasbord for Legionella bacteria.

What you can do to prevent Legionella

  • Regular maintenance is key to preventing an outbreak. 

  • Swimming pool chemicals need to be balanced and equipment needs to be properly cared for. 

  • Hot tubs need to be drained and cleaned regularly.

We have a wide range of pool supplies, as well as FREE pool water testing at our store here in Surrey. After testing your water sample, we can recommend the right BioGuard products to cover every conceivable water conditioning need, including the prevention of Legionella. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team is just a phone call away: 604-596-921

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