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What is a swim spa? Is it the same as a hot tub?

in Outdoor Living

Swim spa.jpg

Hot tub, jacuzzi and spa are all used interchangeably to mean a multi-seat tub with warm, jetted water in which to relax, soothe tired muscles and/or socialize with friends and family. What then is a swim spa and how does it fit into this category?

A swim spa is similar to a hot tub. It has jetted water, temperature controls, seats for people to sit and will fit nicely into your backyard. What makes it different is powerful jets at one end that create a current of water that people can use to swim, walk or run against. User-friendly controls allow the current to be customized for different exercises. This means you can comfortably remain in the middle of the swim spa without needing to turn around or do laps.

Swim spas are perfect for people who are just starting their fitness journey, for those wanting a challenging workout, and for those recovering from an injury. Plus, they can be used all year long. So when the cold hits, you can still enjoy the convenience of your normal workout in the comfort of your own backyard–or house–because swim spas can be installed indoors as well!

Whether a swim spa is right for you will depend on a few factors. Swim spas are generally larger than hot tubs. So if you have a smaller backyard, a hot tub might be ideal. If you are weighing a swim spa against a pool/hot tub setup, swim spas tend to be more expensive than hot tubs, however, they are not as expensive as an in-ground swimming pool. Swim spas are easier to clean than both jacuzzis or pools so they’re easier to care for. Some swim spas are even portable so you can take them with you when you move.

Art Knapp is proud to feature top-quality Jacuzzi® Swim Spa/4-Season Pools. Our swim spa sale is now on! Get the swim spa of your dreams today. Call 1-877-812-0228 or come check out one of our showrooms here.

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