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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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What else can I cook in a Grill, aside from meat?

in Outdoor Living

Delicious grilled fruit.jpg

Warmer days get us thinking ahead to barbecue season and our mouths are watering in anticipation! But if you’re thinking juicy steaks, burgers and dogs are all you have to look forward to, think again. There are so many options for barbecuing on Saber grills it’s like having the convenience of your kitchen outdoors.

First, a word about infrared cooking. How does this differ from conventional grilling? Both are gas grills, but Saber’s infrared grilling uses radiant heat rather than convection heat. Think of hot sand on the beach (radiant heat) vs. hot wind on your face. The advantage of an infrared grill is it doesn’t dry out your food. It heats faster and cooks faster, sealing in foods’ own amazing flavour. And because it’s faster, it’s more energy efficient than traditional gas grilling.

Now, back to the food. Infrared grills cook the juiciest steaks, even when well-done! But they also bring out fantastic flavour in all sorts of foods. 

Gourmet grilled salmon, lobster tails, shrimp, and crowd-pleasing fish tacos cannot be beat. Smoky roasted vegetables are a real treat hot off the grill but that’s not all from the vegetarian side of the menu. Think grilled tofu, a spicy coconut cauliflower curry, or grilled stuffed grape leaves for a healthy taste of the Mediterranean. Fresh summer fruits are perfect for the grill, with smoke and char complementing their own natural sweetness. These are flavours you do not want to miss! Soups, salads, desserts, even drinks are possible on the amazingly versatile Saber infrared grill.

It’s time to get ready for summer barbeques. Talk to us today to get started!

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