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What are the benefits of Philippine Fruit Bat Guano?

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Bat guano is the nutrient-rich manure coming from bats which is very popular with organic gardeners because of its high levels of slow and fast release nitrogen and phosphorus. Guano also often contains usable levels of micronutrients due to the wide variety of diets the bats may eat.

How Guano is Used in Gardens

Guano can be used for both field and indoor crops as a soil builder It is an odourless manure that has pest-control properties as well as great composting abilities. Guano from bats is considered one of the most nutrient-dense natural fertilizers on the market, and it stimulates the surrounding soil’s microbial activity and aids in its decomposition process by introducing an enzyme into the soil that increases biological activity.

Sourcing Guano for Your Garden

Because bat guano from fruit bats is not a rapidly renewable resource, it can take years for new raw material to develop into a usable form for plants. Similar to peat moss, the material is formed naturally and will continue to be formed, but it takes considerable time. Fortunately, bat guano can be sustainably harvested in ways that do not damage the bat colonies or destroy valuable climate data. By mining and harvesting guano only from the caves and habitats of migrating bats, stress on the animals can be avoided completely.

Because of the nature of collecting methods for bat guano, and the process of maintaining sustainable guano collection practices, retail prices of bat guano are not usually considered to be lower-priced options for fertilizers.

Bat Guano for a Healthy Garden

If bat guano is the way to go for your garden, ensure it is coming from ethically sourced guano collection practices. Once you see the benefits of using fruit bat guano in your field or indoor crops, it will be hard not to justify its use.


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