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Watering your vegetable garden

in Tips and Tutorials

Watering with gardening accessories.jpg

Hot temperatures are on the way for your vegetable plants in Surrey so we’d thought this would be the perfect time to go over some tips for watering your vegetable garden.

Tips for watering your vegetable garden

  • Morning is best

  • Don’t wet the leaves

  • Water deeply

  • Drought resistant plants

Morning waterings

Morning is the best time to water your garden for a couple of reasons. One, the soil has a chance to absorb more moisture before the sun evaporates it. Two, the surface area will be dry heading into night, which will help hinder the spread of fungi.

Keep leaves dry

Fungi and other plant diseases need water to germinate so getting water on their leaves makes them more susceptible to infection. It’s true that leaves get wet when it rains, however you can help your plants dry faster with adequate spacing and better airflow.

Also, when you do water, do so gently to avoid splashing dirt up on the leaves. Soil hosts a number of different diseases you want to keep off your plants. Gardening accessories like a water wand or a soaker hose will give you more control when watering. Additionally, a layer of mulch will also help keep soil where it belongs.

Water deeply

Where water goes, roots follow. If you water for short periods, your plants’ roots will grow around the surface level, where the moisture is. But this puts them in danger of drying out on hot, sunny days. Instead, water for longer periods–ideally 2-3 times a week–so the water has a chance to really soak in. This way, roots will grow down and be more protected from temperature fluctuations.

Drought resistant plants

If you want a vegetable garden but want to minimize the time and money spent on watering, you can choose plants and varieties that take the least amount of water. Some of those include beans, corn, quinoa, swiss chard, zucchini, okra, tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Raising healthy, productive plants takes some effort and know-how, but the payoff in yield, flavour and pride is well worth it.

And if you’re now inspired, it’s not too late to garden! Some vegetables can be planted later in the season for fall or winter harvest–or all the way into next year in the case of garlic. A nursery in Surrey will have seeds packets and planting schedules available for you to consult. A fresh supply of seedlings may be available as well.

Have questions or need to pick up a few supplies? Your local garden centre in Surrey is happy to help with answers and has all the supplies you need to make your garden a success.

Art Knapp is always on the lookout for vegetable varieties that grow well in this area. We also have a nice selection of herbs to enhance the flavour of your locally grown vegetables. Come see us!

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