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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Tropical Plants for Your Indoor Space

in Outdoor Living

shutterstock_245924452.jpgHouseplants are nature’s eco-friendly air purifiers. Adding a variety of houseplants will help add humidity, suppress airborne particles and create feelings of relaxation and calmness to a room. Tropical houseplants naturally filter out air pollutants. At Art Knapp Surrey Garden Centre, we can help you choose the best tropical houseplants for your home.

Bamboo Palm – Potted Bamboo Palms grow in bright indirect light or low light conditions and make a handsome addition to any interior décor. They don’t take a great deal of time or energy to care for, making them a popular choice for a houseplant. Moist soil and a time-release fertilizer during growing season will ensure that it’s leaves stay green and the plant stays healthy.

Peace Lily – These plants, part of the Araceae family of flowering plants, are both hardy and forgiving. They show you when they haven’t had enough water by their droopy leaves, making them easy to care remember to water. They love shade and indirect light and are know for their air purifiying properties. In the spring, they bloom beautiful white blooms.

Bromeliad Plants – These are sometimes referred to as the pineapple family of plants. Exotic looking houseplants, many of the species such as the Pink Quill and Scarlet Star have brightly coloured flowers that bloom.

Croton Plant – Brightly coloured Croton Plants have brightly coloured shiny leaves which makes it a beautiful addition to any brightly lit room. The key to growing a croton successfully is plenty of sunshine, a warm, draft-free environment, moist soil, and humid air.

Dieffenbachia – Also called Dumb Cane, this popular houseplant features a single thick trunk that unwinds to multiple trunks as it matures. It grows well in pots and needs moderate light to grow. Its broad and marbled leaves has made it a favourite house plant for decades.

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