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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Top 5 Flowering Plants for Your Vancouver Garden


Art Knapp General (1).jpg

Flowering plants are simply plants with flowers. While flowers serve an important reproductive role, they are also colourful, beautiful, and an essential part of your Surrey plants garden. Here are the top 5 flowering plants for your Vancouver or Surrey garden.


Kalanchoe are a tropical, succulent that are available in many varieties. They are generally easy to care for and come in a wide array of flowering colours such as white, yellow, magenta, pink or orange. Kalanchoe do not like direct hot sun, so make sure to place them where they will get afternoon shade.


Begonias are another shade-loving, low maintenance flowering plant. These perennial flower plants are extremely popular and work wonderfully as a bedding plant. Flowers can come in any colour except blue shades.


Another perennial flowering plant, Cyclamen are beautiful flowering plants. These flowers grow with upward petals, and the leaves have unique patterns. Cyclamen are a bit more needy, so make sure to talk to your florist about proper care.

African Violets

These flowering plants do require more care, but provide a beautiful and elegant look with their frilly flowers. If you decide to add these plants to your flowering bed, make sure you properly water them and avoid giving them direct sunlight.


Magnolias come in a large variety of shrubs and trees with varying types and colours of blooms. These ancient plants are early bloomers, flowering in April. This makes them an excellent early addition to get your garden kick started.

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