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Tips to Winterize your Garden in Surrey & Vancouver

in Outdoor Living

No one wants to think about winter, but as we get closer and closer to Christmas, we have to accept the inevitable truth: Winter is coming.

This is why now is the best time to start winterizing your garden. Get outside, enjoy the last few sunny days of the year, and make sure you’re ready for the coming season.
Here are a few tips for winterizing your garden in Vancouver:

Clean up
Clean up your garden and make it look nice and vibrant for the winter. Get out a rake and some clippers and remove all the dead leaves and dying branches on your shrubs and bushes. Trim up your trees with a good set of pruning shears and remove any weak or broken plants. Get all your container plants either inside or under cover – you don’t want them getting flooded by all the rain.

Trimming the trees

Get the additives that will help your garden survive the winter
Gardens need to be fed and the ground needs to be protected during the winter. A good garden centre, whether in Surrey or Vancouver, will have all the things you need to keep your garden happy. One excellent way to prepare your garden is to cover it over with a layer of mulch along with some fertilizer and manure. Nothing makes the plants happier than if you’ve taken care of the soil.

Time to plant some bulbs, trees, shrubs, and perennials
This may sound counter-productive, because nothing will bloom, but letting these plants put down deeper roots during the winter will help them develop into much stronger, vibrant plants in the coming spring. A good garden supply store will show you exactly what will work the best and might have some great deals of some bulbs.

So come see us at Art Knapp in Surrey where we’ll show you everything you need to get your garden ready for the rainy winter ahead.

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