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This Fire Ban Season You Should Get a Gas Grill

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor Living (3).jpg

Whether we are heading out into the amazing backcountry that British Columbia has to offer us, or having some friends over into our backyard for some food and good times, this should be the year to get a gas grill if you do not already have one.

Municipal Fire Bans

Many people are unaware that most municipalities in the Lower Mainland have year round backyard fire bans. This means that any open fires that use wood or other solid-fuel source are banned throughout the year. This means that the best way to enjoy the taste and convenience of outdoor cooking in your backyard is with a safe, gas grill.

Campfire Bans

We have been extremely lucky this year to have had a good amount of rain, and this has meant that a full campfire ban has not been implemented in all regions across BC yet. However, even if permitted while camping, campfires are dangerous, especially reaching in to cook on. Plus, a few days of dry, hot weather and we can expect a new campfire ban to come into place.

A gas grill, such as a Saber gas grill, is a much better choice for cooking this season. Not only is it safer than using a campfire (and allowed!), but it is more convenient. A saber gas grill can quickly get up to temperature in a matter of minutes, and is quick and easy to clean up when finished. It is also more convenient to cook on, giving a consistent, even heat that is difficult to replicate on an open fire.

An outdoor grill is also a perfect substitute for using an oven indoors. As the weather continues to heat up, you definitely do not want to be turning an a hot oven or stove top inside your house. Having a safe, convenient outdoor grill will be the way to go.

Make this the season of grilling and make sure you pick up a new gas grill from Art Knapp today.


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