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The Halloween party guide for hot tub owners

in Outdoor Living

Hot tub Halloween.jpeg

Halloween is creeping ever closer. Are you ready to throw a spook-tacular hot tub party? With a few easy preparations, you can create a ghoulish, eerie atmosphere sure to both creep out, and delight your guests! Here’s our Halloween party guide for hot tubs and Jacuzzi owners.

Clean your hot tub

Clean water is a must for your Halloween party since you want to treat your guests and not trick them with an infection or disease. Since hot tub water should be changed every season, this is a perfect time to do it. Our last blog talked in detail about the 5 steps for cleaning your tub. Have a look if you’d like a review. In short, you’ll want to flush the pipes and drain the tub. Wipe it down, replace the filters, refill and balance the water and you’re done!


Decorating is a great way to set the mood. Do you go for horrifying, with fake blood and gore? Toss a few plastic body parts into the water to ‘mingle’ with your guests. Or do you prefer a haunted, ghostly feel with graves, ghosts and spider webs? Perhaps something picturesque in the form of jack-o-lanterns set amid a swirl of autumn leaves, with a watchful owl or silent scarecrow. Decide on a theme then gather those gravestones, skeletons and pumpkins.

You can decorate the area around your jacuzzi, and/or the path leading up to it. Try adding a few battery-powered tea lights or LED landscape lights to produce some eerie backdrops and menacing shadows. Use different colours of hot tubs lights to enhance the effect. Just be sure there is enough lighting so that your guests can see where they’re going easily enough.

Don’t forget the candy! Carve a pumpkin, stick a bowl inside and fill it with spooky treats. We here at Art Knapp hope you have a safe and happy Halloween Hot Tub Party!

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