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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants In Your Home and Office

in Inspiration

If you’ve ever been to a garden centre and wondered how a little greenery could improve your home or office, purchasing some new plants might be for you. If you’ve looked longingly at a gazebo and wished you could bring some of the magic of the outdoors in, you might benefit from the addition of some potted plants indoors.

Indoor plants can be very beneficial for a number of reasons:

Indoor spaces can become so sanitized, modern and cold. Adding something living, like an indoor plant from a local garden centre, can really make a workspace feel more like home. A sense of familiarity can increase productivity and employee satisfaction with their working environments.


Caring for plants is good for stress reduction. Watering plants, clearing away dead leaves and checking the soil is a process that improves mindfulness. It’s quiet ritual during the chaos of an otherwise unpredictable day. No matter what the day brings and how noisy it gets, plants quietly grow. Taking some time to care for a plant forces a break and provides an opportunity to practice something with mindful concentration.

Indoor plants bring the outdoors in. In inclement weather or when demands on time simply don’t permit time outside, indoor plants can bridge the gap. When you can’t go outside, it can help to bring the outside to you.

Workplaces don’t always feel nurturing on their own. They are places of efficiency, productivity and objectives. Indoor plants leave space for nurturing and are a reminder that everything needs delicate care to grow. Indoor plants serve as a reminder to take care of ourselves, like we do our plants.

Going to the Art Knapp garden centre in Surrey, to get some indoor plants, giving a traditional cubicle space the feel of a vibrant gazebo, can be very helpful. Giving your space familiarity, leaving room for stress management, connecting the healing benefits of the outdoors to the indoors and creating a sense of nurturing all contribute to better working and living environments.

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