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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Swimming - As Easy As H2O

in Outdoor Living

swim wellness spasSwimming is naturally fun and a healthy activity. With an infinity pool, you never have to turn around to swim to the other side because the steady stream of current allows you to Just Keep Swimming!

Swimming pools are wonderful for relaxed leisure time spent with a group of friends and it is also a terrific low-impact cardio workout centre for keeping fit and healthy at any age. Infants to seniors, the whole family can spend time swimming together. Swimming is a life saving skill that is important to learn and practice. Need to improve your swim stroke or perfect your breathing technique? Lessons at the local recreation centre will provide you the guidance you need and help keep you motivated. The more you swim, the stronger your circulatory system becomes and your oxygen consumption is improved along with endurance and muscle mass. Not to mention, you are burning approximately 500 calories an hour depending on how fast you are swimming.

Pools are great for rehabilitation after an injury. The natural resistance of the water gives the body a smooth work out without over straining ligaments and jarring joints. Pools are also cleaner for swimming than the ocean water at the beach or the local public pool. You can monitor the PH levels of the pool and keep it fresh and clean as needed so it is ready for a cool down swim on a hot day or after the hectic commute home from work. When you are shopping for the perfect swim spa pool or need pool supplies, equipment or information, talk to our swimming pool experts in the Outdoor Living Department who can answer your questions and recommend the latest products to protect your pool and all who swim in its refreshing waters. We have a wide range of replacement pool parts and provide FREE water analysis of your pool water. You can also arrange to have maintenance or servicing done on your pool and get all the details on properly opening your pool for swim season!

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