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Surrey Outdoor Living: Lots to do and Lots to enjoy this winter

in Outdoor Living

In British Columbia, winter is one of the best times of the year to get outside and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. Surrey has numerous activities and events that will get you and your family outside and enjoying the fresh air and nature all around us.

Every Sunday, at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, is the Cloverdale Market. With over 200 tables and over 100 outdoor spots to enjoy, it’s a great chance to find whatever someone might be looking for. From homemade collectibles to artisan products to a beautiful chance to wander around outside and do some shopping at the same time, the Market is a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday.


An amazing way to spend a day outside is to go birding. The Surrey Nature Centre is hosting Birding Walks at different parks in Surrey and this is free to attend. An experienced naturalist will lead the walk, pointing out and teaching all about the native birds that live in the Lower Mainland. The walks happen rain or shine and all one needs to bring is warm clothes and, if they have them, binoculars. For more information, check out: surrey.ca/culture-recreation/24773.aspx.

Keep February 10th free as Clayton Park is hosting the Family Day Geocache Hunt. It’s free to register for the most exciting treasure hunt in the Lower Mainland. Each family will receive a GPS Unit and they have to use it to find different hidden caches located throughout the park. It takes about one hour to complete the course and, to register, either call 604-501-5100 or visit surrey.ca/culture-recreation/22727.aspx.

At Art Knapp, we believe that outdoor living is one of the greatest benefits to living in British Columbia. Whether you’re outside for a Treasure Hunt or a Market, or sitting in your outdoor hot tub, spending time in the fresh air and the elements makes life better. So come see us in Surrey and we’ll show you how to make outdoor living even better.

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