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Should I Mulch My Garden in the Fall?

in Informational

Preparing for Fall Mulching

With fall around the corner, many home gardeners are asking what to do with their gardens to prep for the colder weather. Looking ahead to the cold winter to come, we recommend mulching your gardens to ensure that when next spring rolls around, you will have a happy and healthy garden ready to go.

Preparing for Fall Mulching

Once all of your garden plants have been harvested or have died off for the year, it is time to start preparing to mulch your garden.

Before you mulch your garden, the following preparation is necessary:

  • Remove plant debris including leaves and dead plants from the garden.
  • Remove all weeds from the garden – otherwise you will have to start your spring by dealing with seedlings!
  • If you need to add lime or other product to the soil, now is the time to do it before mulching.
  • Prepare your mulch.

Many people opt to use leaves as the mulch for their garden – if this is your mulch of choice, run over the leaves with the lawnmower first to shred them.

Why to Use Mulch in the Fall

To keep your garden healthy throughout the cold winter months, a mulch can be applied. Mulch is recommended to protect your garden over the winter season for the following reasons:

  • Insulation for your soil – meaning that healthy organisms such as earthworms will be warmer and active longer into the cold season.
  • Avoid root bulbs from freezing. Mulch over top of existing root bulbs will help to insulate them, avoiding damage from freezing and re-freezing.
  • Mulching in the fall will make your job in the spring easier as it will already be prepared!

As the weather is beginning to cool, and we look towards another cold winter – now is a great time to begin the process of mulching your gardens for the fall and winter seasons.

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