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Should I install artificial turf around my swimming pool?

in Outdoor Living

Arificial turf around swimming pool.jpeg

We’ve had three heat waves so far this summer, putting swimming pools and cool-temperature hot tubs in high demand. So if you’ve been asking yourself: “Should I install artificial turf around my swimming pool or hot tub?” the answer is: “Yes, now is the perfect time to take that plunge!”

Turf is an attractive alternative to other materials for a number of reasons. For instance, it presents a lusher aesthetic. It provides for safer footing, and helps keep water cleaner. It also doesn’t require any maintenance. Sound pretty good? Read on for more details.

Artificial turf is safer.

Concrete, pavers, and wood decking are slippery when wet, causing serious injuries in all age groups from slips and falls. Concrete also gets hot enough to cause painful burns on the soles of bare feet. Artificial turf provides a cooler, softer material for walking on. Its textured surface reduces the likelihood of slips and falls in wet environments.

Artificial turf is cleaner

Anyone with kids knows they are in and out of the water constantly when swimming. If you have a lawn around your pool, they are tracking dirt and grass (and leaves, twigs and pine needles, etc) back into the water each time. That’s a lot of pool cleaning to keep the water clear and the filters free. Plus chlorine from the water can damage or kill your grass. Artificial turf eliminates all of those issues (grass stains too!).

Artificial turf is beautiful and maintenance-free

Available in a variety of colours and textures, artificial turf always looks rich, lush, vibrant and exquisitely manicured, without you having to lift a finger. It’s just as soft as real grass and comes with its own drainage system. As an added bonus, it continues to look awesome into the winter and all year long.

Art Knapp is proud to feature landscape grasses by Bella Turf. Contact us to discuss an artificial turf environment for your swimming pool or hot tub.

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