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Should I Drain my Hot Tub for Winter?

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor Living.jpg

Should I drain my hot tub for the winter?

Short answer: unless you know you won’t be using the hot tub at all during the winter, it is not necessary to drain it. Here’s why.

Winter weather is a great time of year to make use of your hot tub. There is nothing quite as relaxing as soaking in the hot water while the snow falls around you – and there is no functional reason why you can’t use your hot tub year-round, as they are designed to withstand cold weather.

Leaving your hot tub running during the winter months will ensure that it does not freeze. That being said, if you know without a doubt that you will not be using the hot tub for the entirety of the cold season, you absolutely can drain it. This will then serve as a great time to give the hot tub a good cleaning and maintenance. Especially if you are a snowbird who leaves to find warmer weather during the winter, you may want to save on the electricity costs by turning your hot tub off and draining it.

Overall, draining and properly winterizing your hot tub is a lengthy and sometimes difficult process. For that reason, it is often recommended to keep your hot tub running during the winter unless you truly would prefer to drain it – such as if you were to be going away for an extended period of time over the winter.

For a hot tub owner that may or may not use their hot tub over the winter, it is generally advised to keep the hot tub running rather than drain it. Not only will the hot tub stay active and maintained over the winter, but you will have the option of enjoying soaking in the hot water during the brisk days of the season.

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