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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Preparing Your Outdoor Living Space for Halloween

in Outdoor Living


Halloween is nearly upon us! And with the change in the seasons, homeowners are beginning to decide how to decorate their yard for the family-fun holiday. To get your outdoor living space prepared to Halloween, here are some great tips for setting up:

Prepare Ahead of Halloween

Prepare as much of your yard ahead of time if you can. This can give you enough time (and daylight hours) to be sure that your yard has no obvious tripping hazards, and has both a clear, fun Halloween décor – but also a clear path to your front door. Ensure that your main walkway is well-lit and clear of any tripping hazards such as electrical cords. Secure decorations carefully and securely so that they do not blow around if there is a wind on the big night.

On the Big Day

On Halloween day, make sure you leave enough lights on that the friendly neighbourhood ghouls will be able to see that your home is welcoming then, and that they will be able to see their way up to your front door. Consider using battery-operated candles in place of real flame to avoid any accidental fires or spills. If you do use real candles, keep them well out of reach of children and pets. Don’t forget to also ensure that your pets are indoors, and kept safe. Not only could your pets scare the ghostly visitors, but the costumes may also scare your pets.

Once your yard is set up safely and ready for the big day, don’t forget to focus on fun costumes for yourself and your family too, and be sure to have a safe and fun Halloween!

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