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Preparing Your Hot Tub for Winter

in Tips and Tutorials

hot tub.jpgWinter can be the best time to enjoy your hot tub. Although some people empty and close their hot tub, most people realise that winter is when the hot tub will get the most use. Whether you close down your hot tub or use it year-round, it is recommended that your hot tub is thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to keep it sanitary and functioning well. 

Below are five steps to follow to prepare your hot tub for winter. You will need to visit your local shop in Surrey to get a number of hot tub supplies before getting started in order to do the job right. 

Step 1 – Degrease Tub, and Flush Pump 

Add a degreasing product to the water in your hot tub and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Removing oils that have accumulated in the hot tub since it was last cleaned will be necessary for jets to keep working properly. You'll also want to submerge the pump and flush it by activating it. 

Step 2 – Clean the Filters and Vents 

Next, you will remove the cartridge filter, clean it, and empty out the water from the hot tub. Your hot tub supply shop in Surrey will help you to make sure you have the appropriate quantity and product that you will need for this stage, as the filter will need to be degreased. Have rubber gloves on hand, and plenty of old towels. 

Step 3 – Polish your Hot Tub 

Now that your hot tub is empty, you will want to clean and polish all surfaces, knobs, handles, and other accessible areas. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner in order to protect the hot tub's surfaces. 

Step 4 – Cover and Close for Winter OR Fill and Enjoy! 

If you choose to close your hot tub for the winter, your local hot tub supply store in Surrey can provide you with a plexiglass or wooden cover that fits your hot tub and will protect it from the elements. Make sure power is off, all water has been drained from pipes, and cover with a protective tarp. 

If you will be using the hot tub this winter, all you will need to do is check all filters and valves, fill with water, and test the jets. Then your hot tub will be ready for winter enjoyment!

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