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Preparing Your Garden For Winter

in Tips and Tutorials

Tis the season to prepare your garden for winter. You might find that getting supplies from your local surrey garden centre will help you get ready for cooler weather. It’s the time of year where plants go dormant and the rest of your life gets busy with the holidays. It’s easy to get your garden ready for the winter when you come to Art Knapp in Surrey to purchase your bulk soil and bulk landscape rocks.

Here are some tips:


Get rid of annoying weeds so they don’t multiply in the spring. A stitch in time saves nine more weeds from sprouting up when the weather warms up again. Be prepared so there’s less to do in the spring.

Till & Compost

Break up the soil as much as you can before it freezes and mix in some fertilizer so you have a good base for next year’s crops. You’re going to want healthy, loose soil for healthy, vibrant plants. 

Drainwheel barrel of dead branches and weeds

Make sure there’s no water lingering in your lines or your hoses. You want to make sure that they don’t freeze up and get damaged in the winter so you can avoid replacing them in the spring. Protect your plumbing and irrigation and turn your outdoor water taps off from the main line!  


Cover your soil with mulch or leaves. This keeps everything where you left it when the winter winds and rains roll in, threatening to erode your precious patch of earth. It also adds more of the good stuff, natural nutrients, your garden needs as it breaks down over the colder, wet season. It’s a win-win for your garden.  

By following the steps above, you can put your garden to bed safely for the winter and get back to enjoying the festive season. Pop by the Art Knapp Garden Spot in Surrey, to get everything you need. 

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