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Pool Cleaners and Water Enhancers to Start up Your Swimming Pool

in Outdoor Living

summer swimming pool

With the warm spring and summer weather, you are probably ready to jump back in and cool off in your pool. However, doing so without proper preparation could make this a dangerous endeavor. Thankfully, there are some simple options available for pool cleaners and water enhancers that can start up your swimming pool season.

BioGuard Pool Water Care products are a comprehensive line of products that allow you to care for and enhance the water in your pool. Depending on the needs of your water (a free water analysis can be conducted at Art Knapp’s Outdoor Living Center), there are several options available.

Water Enhancers

Water enhancers are designed to make cloudy, dirty looking water a thing of the past. These enhancers work as a coagulant, binding tiny particles together and making the water easier to filter. Options for these products include clarifying tablets, anti-foam, Sparkle Up and more.

Pool Cleaners

There are also many pool cleaners available depending on the results of the test and needs of your pool. Some examples of popular pool cleaners include Algae control products, scale and hard water deposit removers, and oxidizers. There are also sanitizers available to kill unwanted organisms and bacteria that may have made your pool home over the winter season.

Before jumping in, make sure you take the proper precautions and have your water tested. You may be surprised at what is living in it. Thankfully, the BioGuard Pool Water Care lineup at Art Knapp will have you covered for any scenario.


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