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Outdoor Living in Winter - Tips for Vancouver Residents

in Outdoor Living

As housing costs continue to rise, seemingly without stop, Vancouver residents get asked again and again why they live in such an expensive city. Prices all over, from Surrey to North Vancouver, seem to be insane and, to an outsider, moving is the only logical choice.
But one look at the great outdoors, the beauty that is the Lower Mainland, and everyone knows why we stay.

Here are a few tips for people in Greater Vancouver as winter, or our version of winter, approaches.

1.    Keep your patio warm and bright
Have you ever thought about putting a Patio heater outside your home? There’s no better way to brighten up your backyard on a rainy, cold day than an outdoor fire that is both beautiful to look at and warming to sit around. It’s like having your own fire pit, without the pit.

2.    Slip into the Jacuzzi
Another great way to stay warm is with a Jacuzzi hot tub. Whether you’re looking for a new or used hot tub, Art Knapp can help you stay warm and cozy on those rainy nights with a hot tub that fits all families and all backyards.

3.    Protect your property
Have you got a good hot tub cover that will make sure your water stays clean and you keep it toasty warm? A well-made Jacuzzi cover can protect the hot tub and, in some cases, offer you additional privacy.

A Hot Tub Cover

4.    A good umbrella
Yes, we know that most Vancouverites avoid using umbrellas unless rain is coming down in sheets like lead. But a really good umbrella in your backyard can keep you outside for longer and allow you to sit out and enjoy the nicer things, like your new patio heater.

There’s really no need to give up your outdoor lifestyle when winter comes when you live in Vancouver, so why not come and talk to one of the staff at Art Knapp in Surrey and we can show you some amazing ways to make your backyard special.

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