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Making Gardening a Family Activity


gardening with familyGardening with your kids can be a nice way to connect and spend some time outdoors together. Most children love getting their hands in the dirt and playing around and it is an opportunity for parents or grandparents to teach them some gardening at the same time. Whether its planting seeds or seedlings, the Art Knapp Garden Centre in Surrey has everything you need to garden with your family.

Some of the benefits of gardening as a family activity:


Learning the art of gardening can give you a better appreciation for the environment, and the effects of the choices we make. Showing your kids how over time, little ecosystems are created around plants, can give them a tangible thing to relate to when discussing the effects of chemicals on the environment.


Planting seeds and watching them grow is magical. There are parts of gardening that are unpredictable, like weather, but teaching kids the responsibility of watering and nurturing their plants is a valuable life lesson. Getting your kids outside planting is a way to get them away from their electronic devices and into the fresh air, and all while learning about creating and nurturing plants. Working outside in the fresh air can also help them to work up an appetite, and it is especially fun to watch your kids enjoy vegetables from the garden that they have grown themselves.


These days, most families are busy running in many different directions, and gardening together can be a way to connect to the earth and each other. Planting herb gardens, perennials or vegetables is something that you can do even without a backyard – many plants can be grown on a windowsill in containers in a location facing full sun. Visit the Art Knapp Garden Centre in Surrey to get started on a family summer planting project – we have everything you need in our Surrey plant store to begin gardening with your family.

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