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Landscaping Around Your Hot Tub

in Outdoor Living

Spending time outdoors soaking in your hot tub while spending time with your family is a great way to unwind at the end of the day. And while a hot tub is a place for finding peace and tranquility, its large presence can disrupt the serenity of your landscaping if not integrated well. How can you preserve the beauty of your beautifully landscaped Surrey BC yard when you add in a hot tub? These are a few tricks and tips to incorporate your hot tub into the design of your outdoor space.

Create an Outdoor Room. Making your hot tub space into an outdoor room by adding a pergola or enclosure can make it feel like a separate defined space. Using plants or rocks around it can make it also feel like it is part of an enclosure that works with your existing landscaping.

Consider Placement. Use the architecture of your landscape that you already have to place your hot tub. For example, using an existing rock wall, railings or fence can conceal one side of the tub and anchor the design. Rather than it being the focal point of your yard, place it off to one side and use materials that integrate with your landscaping to work it in to the design.

Make it a Focal Point. In BC, we have the option to use our hot tubs year-round. If your new hot tub is going to be the main focal point ofyour yard, consider adding plants and materials that will highlight it. Create a water-feature as a backdrop, or highlight the steps around the tub by making them a feature in your design. A landscape architect can help you create an oasis with your hot tub as the main focal point.

Conceal it. Your hot tub can be easily and cleverly integrated into your back yard by placing it in-ground or building it into your deck.Many spas and tubs are designed for concealment, and some homeowners have built covers that are an extension of their deck materials to use as covers. Get creative! The experts at Art Knapp Outdoor Living can help you with ideas and resources to help you create your personal outdoor oasis.

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