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Art Knapp
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Art Knapp

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Barbeque?

in Outdoor Living

As winter turns to spring and the weather gets a little bit nicer (or less snowy and rainy), that means one thing for most people in the Lower Mainland:

Barbeque season!
Backyard barbeque
It’s time to pull off that cover for the first time in 2017, fire up the grill, and start cooking food outside again. It’s time to dust off that beer can chicken recipe or mix up another batch of your amazing homemade BBQ sauce. The beautiful smell of barbeque is going to be wafting through the streets of Surrey once more.

But maybe it’s time to take a look at your barbeque. Do you want to endure another year of leathery chicken and hockey-puck-like hamburgers? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your grill and start cooking some really good food that you’ll be proud to serve.

When choosing a newer, better barbeque, there are two choices for you: Ceramic barbeques or Gas barbeques.

Ceramic barbeques are simply the best way to cook using charcoal. The ceramic does two things incredibly well—it allows you to control the heat and it retains the moisture inside the barbeque. You can cook anything in a ceramic barbeque and it’ll stay tender and juicy.

Gas barbeques offer convenience and speed, something that charcoal doesn’t. If you want to start cooking quickly and not have to wait for the coals to get to the perfect temperature, gas is the way to go. And did you know about infrared gas barbeques? It’s a better way of cooking with gas because the infrared heat vaporizes the drippings, almost eliminating the flare-ups that you see on traditional grills.

So if you’re staring at your old barbeque, wondering if you want to overcook another year’s worth of meals, maybe it’s time to upgrade. Don’t you deserve the best grill you can get?

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