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Is artificial turf good for dogs?

in Outdoor Living

Artificial turf is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who are looking for an alternative to grass but still want that beautiful, green look around their house. Some people want a putting green in the backyard. Others want a perfectly manicured lawn without having to mow or water it. And others still are sick and tired of reseeding their lawns every year and then watching their children and pets tear up the grass.

But dog owners may be concerned that artificial turf is bad for their pets. However, artificial turf is actually beneficial and might just be the preferred alternative. Here are a few reasons why it’s good for dogs (and their owners).

Dogs like to lick everything and artificial turf is no exception. All newly-installed surfaces are completely non-toxic and safe to be consumed. In fact, if you’re constantly having to chemically treat your lawn, the artificial grass may be safer to eat than the real version.

A dog on the turf

Safer to play on
Artificial grass is level, soft and spongy, and never has a divot or burrow that might catch a foot or paw. For animals and their families, it’s a safe place to play without having to worry about anyone tripping, losing their footing, or twisting an ankle.

No mud
Okay, this is more for the owner than the dog, but with artificial turf, there’s no mud for the dog to carry into the house. Playing in the rain doesn’t result in your home being covered in mud and dirt.

If you’re interested in seeing how artificial turf can turn your lawn into a beautiful landscape with little to no maintenance, come and talk to the professionals at Art Knapp in Surrey. We can show you a variety of colours, textures, and features that can transform your yard to the perfect putting green or landscape.

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