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Art Knapp

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How Will a Gazebo or Pergola Improve my Outdoor Living Space?

in Outdoor Living

Art Knapp Outdoor.jpg

Landscaping can transform any outdoor living spaces into small paradises. Some extremely popular and attractive landscaping features are Gazebos or Pergolas. These can not only improve the enjoyment of your yard and improve your outdoor living space, but also increase your home’s value.

What is the difference?

A Gazebo is a stand-alone structure usually round, hexagonal or octagonal. They have enclosed floors and roofs. The sides can be open, or can be closed with the inclusion of windows.

A Pergola, in contrast, is often rectangular with large open rafters and beams across an open top. Some pergolas may use fabric or canvas on top to provide shade, but most often are left open. Pergolas do not usually have a floor, sitting on top of the pre-existing ground.

How will they improve my Outdoor Living Space?

A Gazebo or Pergola is not only a visual feature of a space, but is practical as well. A Surrey Gazebo or Pergola can provide shelter from the elements, whether it is shade on a hot, blustery day, or avoiding the endless rains of Surrey Winters.

Gazebos and Pergolas are also excellent structures to use for entertaining family and friends. Guests will love having a barbecue underneath the Gazebo. It is also an excellent play area for kids, or as a quiet space to read a book, or relax with some music. A Gazebo or Pergola is also an excellent hot tub shelter, and by adding screens on the sides, can keep out pesky insects.

Adding a Gazebo or Pergola to your Surrey home is an excellent way to transform a boring outdoor space, into an attractive and functional outdoor living space, as well as increase the value of your home.

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