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How to Start-up your Swimming Pool in the Spring

in Outdoor Living

I know what you’re thinking – sure it's hot now, but is it going to last? Are we heading for more rain? Do you want to spend your weekend starting up your pool? But the earlier you start-up your swimming pool, the better. You’ll be ready for summertime and you won’t have to wait.
Step 1 – Remove your pool cover and get rid of any debris on the cover. Don’t worry about something falling into the pool. Clean the cover and let it dry before storing it.Swimming Pool and Cover
Step 2 – Start filling up your pool with whatever water supply you have. Fill the pool to the normal level, which is typically at the middle of the skimmer opening.
Step 3 – If you’ve winterized your pool, there are a number of things to remove, reconnect, and restart. If you haven’t winterized it, go to the next step.
Step 4 – I always like to start cleaning the pool now, so get out the vacuum and remove all the debris that’s sunk to the bottom.
Step 5 – Get your water tested. Art Knapp will test your water for free and recommend the best way to get your pool ready.
Step 6 – Using the BioGuard Water Care products that Art Knapp carries, it’s time to start adjusting the condition of your water. You might need pool chemicals to sanitize, oxidize, enhance, or clean the water so that it’s safe to swim in. Art Knapp is Surrey’s best location to find all the pool supplies you’re looking for.
Step 7 – Let the filter run, the circulation of the water continue, and make sure that chemical levels and PH balances are exactly where you want them to be.
To make things even easier, we carry a Pool Opening Kit that will make this whole procedure easier and ensure that your pool will be in the best condition possible.

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