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How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

in Tips and Tutorials

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Choosing a Christmas tree is a once-a-year tradition that can be both an enjoyable and memorable experience for any family. Choosing the perfect Christmas tree for your seasonal decor is an essential part of this experience, so follow these tips to make sure that you choose the perfect one this holiday season.

Decide on a Variety

The first decision to choosing the perfect tree is to decide on the variety that would best suit your seasonal decor plans. Pine, spruce and Fir trees tend to be the most common choices. Pine trees are an excellent option as they have long needles which tend to stay attached to the branch for longer. Fir trees are also long-lasting, with long stemming branches and shorter needles. Spruce trees such as a blue spruce have a beautiful colour and appearance, but the needles tend to fall more easily and are more prickly than the other options. whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any choice, so choose the tree that looks the best to you.

Make Sure it is Fresh

If you are purchasing a tree that has already been cut, you will want to make sure that it has not been cut for too long, and that is has not been allowed to dry out. The trunk of the tree should still be slightly sticky, and the needles should not easily break when bent in half. A dry tree would have needles that easily fall of the branch when shook, and that snap in half when bent.

Find the Perfect Size

Of course, you should also make sure that you choose the right size tree for your home. Do not choose a 12 foot tree if you have 10 foot ceilings. Opposite to this, if the room it will be in has high ceilings, make sure you do not go with a tree that is too small, as this may look “off”. For most standard rooms, a 7-8 foot Christmas tree is the ideal size.

Once you bring the perfect tree home, make sure you keep it hydrated to help it stay fresh and beautiful until well into the new year. Do not forget to enjoy the experience and make lasting memories for the entire family. Head down to Art Knapp this season for the perfect Christmas trees.

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