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How Much Electricity Will My Hot Tub Use?

in Outdoor Living

If you are considering purchasing a swim spa in Surrey you might have questions about how much electricity your new hot tub will use. It’s a valid question, and an important piece of information necessary to make an informed decision about the ongoing costs of investing in your relaxation and well-being.swim spa in Surrey

You can definitely minimize the amount of power used by looking for PowerSmart models to make sure that the hot tub you chose is as energy-efficient as possible. You can reduce your costs as well as by using timers to manage when your hot tub is actively using power, effectively minimizing the drain on your electrical resources. Different brands use innovative ideas to improve efficiency. For example, some Jacuzzi Hot Tubs feature immersion heaters that have low wattage and transfer maximum heat, and also transfer heat from the pump to the water to increase energy efficiency.  Shopping smart at the time of your initial purchase can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

There are a great number of other factors that will impact how much power is used. These can include the air temperature outside, how hot you like to keep your hot tub water and how often and how long you are using it. Insulation and energy efficient pumps can also reduce the amount of power your hot tub uses. The age and technology of your hot tub can make a difference as well. Older model hot tubs that are not optimized with the newest technology may well cost more in the long run even if the initial purchase cost is less. 

What does it come down to, in the end? On average, running a hot tub might cost $2-3 a day in electricity costs. This figure will also be influenced by energy costs set by whomever your electricity provider.

Buying a swim spa in Surrey is a great way to invest in your health, relaxation and well-being. It’s good to ask questions about the ongoing costs of maintaining your hot tub before you purchase so you can ensure you buy the hot tub that best meets your needs. 

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