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How do I keep my pool from becoming a mosquito breeding ground?

in Outdoor Living

One large concern for any pool owner is how to prevent mosquitoes from using the still, unmoving water as a breeding ground and laying thousands of eggs. This is something that can happen quickly, turning what should be an outdoor paradise into a nightmare.

But how can a pool owner prevent their pool from becoming a mosquito breeding ground? Here are a few tips:

Mosquitoes hate clean pools. Dirty water is much better for their breeding. So it’s imperative to maintain your cleaning regimen:

  • Run your filter regularly. Use a timer and ensure that you’re filtering your waters 3-4 hours per day.
  • Use the skimmer to remove anything floating on the surface.
  • Vacuum and scrub the walls regularly.
  • Backwashing should be done once a week.

Swatting a mosquito

Cover the pool
Place the cover over the pool every night to prevent chemicals from evaporating and insects from landing.

Be careful if it’s been raining to make sure there’s no water pooling on top of the cover. You don’t want the mosquitoes breeding there.

Chlorinate and disinfect
Although chlorine alone won’t kill mosquito larvae, it will help maintain the pool’s health and hinder larvae growth.

Setting a disinfection schedule, using the proper chemicals, and controlling algae growth can all help in the prevention of mosquito breeding. Purchasing the right Water Care products are a great way to keep your pool clean and bug-free.

At Art Knapp in Surrey, we carry everything you could need to keep your pool clean and healthy. From water balancers and cleaners to oxidizers and sanitizers, we have a wide range of products that will help you have the kind of pool you’ve always dreamed of. So come and talk to one of our helpful staff members and they’ll be happy to show you how easy it can be.

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