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Hot Tub Maintenance and Free Water Testing at Art Knapp Surrey

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Hot Tub Maintenance and Free Water Testing at Art Knapp Surrey

Winter has arrived and that means cool nights and twinkling night sky constellations. Perfect conditions for hanging out in your hot tub or swim spa. But the cold weather also means a slight modification is necessary for the up keep of your spa. It is easier to keep it in good working order for regular enjoyment rather than neglecting it and having to start from scratch. What if you are going to be away this winter and want to close up the spa for the season? That requires some extra care also. So where is the best place to start? Contact the staff at Art Knapps Outdoor Living and they can answer your questions and guide you through the right steps.

For hot tubs or swim spas that are kept outdoors, it is important to protect the equipment from heavy wind, rain and snow storms or at least arrange for someone to check on the equipment in your absence if you are away for holidays.

Trees and sharp branches can fall onto the spa during intense windstorms, heavy snow and ice accumulations can cause the cover to sag under the weight and floodwaters can damage the motor and wood surround. Make sure tree debris and drifts of snow are cleared away often and check for signs of damage after storms. Under the cover, to avoid bacteria, keep all surfaces wiped clean and use a test strip to check that chemical, mineral and PH levels are maintained at optimum levels.


Test strips will measure PH, if the water is base or alkaline, calcium and water hardness, and chlorine/bromine in your water. Bromine does not smell as strong as chlorine and it comes in easy to use tablets, which dissolve slowly in a float.

If you have had many people using your spa recently and the water starts to become cloudy, you can use a weekly spa shock (an extra dose of chemical sanitizer) to kill the bacteria in the water and add a fresh filter. Be sure to test your spa levels first and consult a pro if you are unsure what the right solution is for your system.

The friendly staff at Art Knapps Surrey have the knowledge and experience in all hot tub and swim spa related concerns to assist you, whatever your needs. And they also provide Free Water Testing AND Free Filters for the Life of your Hot Tub!

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