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Hot Tub Games to Play with Your Friends and Family

in Outdoor Living

hot tubs in surreyHanging out with family and friends in your hot tub is a great way to enjoy the mild weather in Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Your hot tub has multiple uses – it can be used for hydrotherapy or just relaxation. If you are interested in hosting a game night, and want to get your friends and family involved, there are plenty of water friendly games for all ages that can be played while enjoying time in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Hockey – Divide your players into two teams and sit on opposite sides of the hot tub. Place a floating object in the middle of the tub, then after yelling ‘Go’, each team tries to get the object to hit the wall on the opposite side to earn a point. The hard part is that you can blow or create waves, but you cannot touch the object. Watch out for splashing, because this game can create some spillage! First team to get three points is the winner.

Sinking Submarine – Using two plastic cups, float one in the hot tub and use the other for pouring water. Each person takes turns pouring a small amount of water in the cup, trying to pour the minimum amount so that it won’t sink (you may start with a small amount in the cup to stabilize it). Once the cup sinks, that player is out. Continue playing until only one player is left.

Water Cards – Purchase a set of waterproof playing cards, and use a Frisbee turned upside down as a floating playing table. You can play any number of card games while enjoying time with your friends in the hot tub.

If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub or need advice or supplies, Art Knapp Outdoor Living in Surrey can help. Our staff is happy to work with you on finding a hot tub that suits your needs.

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